Lightsouthern produces beautiful Aussie feature length films, that make you want to say 'oi' heaps.

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Sexy and bold Lightsouthern is celebrating PEOPLE celebrating themselves. At the same time this funny little thing called an ethical backbone holds the studio and all of its elements together. Because of this, Lightsouthern are able to produce quality product that goes on to ‘tell a story’ of people who feel good about themselves.

Lightsouthern Cinema is only place online you can view full – Directors Cut Films , plus Behind the scenes featurettes , stills galleries plus bonus Lightsouthern content.

Sexy and bold Lightsouthern is celebrating people celebrating themselves

The brand, now synonymous with sun, fun, ethics and a sexy authentic experience, and we want you to be apart of it. So kick back, blow the froth off a cold one and enjoy what we’ve created, just for you.

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